Torbjørn Korsvold

Role at the IO-Centre: 
Senior Researcher


Main fields of competence : - Organizational development and learning - Integrated Operations (IO), organizational change and new types of collaboration enabled by new information and communication technology (ICT) - Safety culture and organizational safety - User-centered design - Human-computer interaction - Coordinating interdisciplinary projects - Human factors
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Content type: Report

Collective learning as a Principal Mean to Safer and Efficient Drilling

The report evaluates the role of collective learning as a basic capability for improved safety, reliability and productivity in drilling (2013)

Content type: Report

Knowledge Markets and Collective Learning: Designing Hybrid Arenas for Learning Oriented Collaboration

How individuals can be engaged in a democratic process where competence, background, and personal information resources are mobilized. Book Chapter.

Content type: Publication

The Overlooked Drilling Hazard: Decision Making From Bad Data

This paper summarizes experience with data quality issues from several pilot studies and gives recommendations on how to improve quality of data.

Center for research-based innovation, NTNU, Sintef, IFE