Program 3 Operation and maintenance (Phase 1)

Program 3 Operation and maintenance (Phase 1)

This is the page for R&D projects in the IO Center.

Program 3 was dedicated to exploring new ways of gathering and handling data for the purpose of supporting operation and maintenance activities. The Program supported three projects, focusing on exploring the quality of sensing systems, the ability to handle large amounts of data and non-standard communication protocols, the ability to design and implement analysis modules for different types of problems and the ability to utilise information and collaborative environments to improve operational planning.

A detailed description of Program 3 projects are given in the following:

Project 3.1

This project worked with the Mìmir platform through a joint cooperation with the IFE-led Halden Reactor Project. The Mìmir platform is a system that enables communication of measurement parameters from different sensor systems with different, non-standard, communication protocols. The Mìmir can connect to any such proprietray protocol, gather the information and the present it according to an ISO standard for I/O. This in turn provides support for the development environment in Mìmir, where operators can develop, test and implement necessary analysis modules for condition monitoring purposes.

Project 3.2

This project focused on characterization of condition monitoring technologies and methods. The objective was to test, in a lboratory setting, different types of equipment and methods and describe their pros and cons with regard to their ability to provide useful information for condition monitoring and maintenance planning. A survey with the IO industry partners decided that the project should focus on emergency shutdown valves (ESDV), production separators and heat exchangers.

Project 3.3

The project explored and developed the basic framework for Integrated Planning. In Phase I the work was focused on communication and collaboration between planning teams.

Other key information

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