Program 2 Reservoir Management and Production Optimization (Phase 1)

Program 2 Reservoir Management and Production Optimization (Phase 1)

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Please refer to 'project IO 4 - Production Optimization and Subsurface IO' since 'project IO4' superseded 'program 2 Reservoir Management and Production Optimization'.

The digitalization of the petroleum industry offers great opportunities for decision support tools. To fully realize the potential of increased amounts of data, new capabilities should be added to already existing tools, and in addition, new tools need to be developed. In particular, a range of data sources should be combined with mathematical models to compute recommendations in a variety of work processes. Hence, model supported tools provide a means to integrate across disciplines and silos.

The overall objective is the optimal utilization of model based predictions to support short and long term decisions. Modeling and optimization tools facilitate faster and better decisions through structuring large amounts of knowledge and data.

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