IO 3 - Proactive Management of Safety and Environment (Phase 2)

IO 3 - Proactive Management of Safety and Environment (Phase 2)

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The main objective is to improve proactive management of safety and environment by applying IO-related solutions to prevent major accidents involving loss of life, damage to the environment, and damage to property. This main objective is to be fulfilled by the following sub-objectives: 1)Develop models, methods and tools for recognition, assessment and visualization of risk factors and status of barriers during planning and execution of operations with the use of various IO-based solutions. 2)Develop approaches and methods that integrate assessment, visualization and management of risk across activities and disciplines. 3)Develop guidance to improve capabilities of multidisciplinary teams to make sense of risk-related information and cues and improve the teams' capabilities to avoid and deal with expected and unexpected events during operations


The research activities have been divided in four interdependent work packages (WP):

  • WP1 Safety performance overview for daily decision support
  • WP2 Risk and barrier assessment and visualization in an IO context
  • WP3 Facilitating sensemaking processes and resilient capabilities in risk management
  • WP4 Holistic risk management
  • WP5 Safe and efficient drilling

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