IO 1 - IO Teamwork and Capabilities (Phase 2)

IO 1 - IO Teamwork and Capabilities (Phase 2)

This is the page for R&D projects in the IO Center.

IO is not the problem, it is a solution - if used wisely And this solution has several dynamically interdependent dimensions: People, technologies, organisation, process and governace IO1 focuses towards describing such solutions at different levels, identifying good practices, traps and dilemmas based on a sound balance between practice and research. Key areas are IO leadership IO teamwork and distributed collaboration structures IO capability development



IO is not the problem, it is a solution -  if used wisely

IO Capability Development:

How can we create a basis capability framework and sustainable capability development methods for Integrated Operations?


  • IO is developing towards next generation
  • Need to be able to scale up, transfer and sustain
  • Must extend the traditional process approach and describe the actions we take to reach our targets in a more holistic way: Capabilities


IO Leadership:

How can leaders in the petroleum industry provide leadership and direction all the way to the value creating edge, using IO as a tool?

Motivation, risk management case:

  • Risk analysis  and risk management is understood by experts onshore
  • The offshore context is to a large degree understood both onshore and offshore
  • Onshore risk analysis and risk management is not normally understandable to offshore staff
  • Safety is still to a large degree maintained through compliance and through plant expertise


 IO Teamwork and Distributed Collaboration Structures

What are the challenges and prospective solutions to distributed teamwork in an IO setting?


  • Work is being performed across distance, discipline and purpose
  • Lessons are already learned from working through distributed collaboration structures and need to be assessed and built on



Other key information

Center for research-based innovation, NTNU, Sintef, IFE