Final report available

Final report available

This is a page showing ongoing activity by the IO Center. It involves highlighted research activities which are currently being carried out, description of goals, activities and expected results

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After 8 years as a Center for research-based innovation (CRI/SFI) the IO Center has made a final report of the period.

The Center for Integrated Operations in the Petroleum Industry (IO Center) has been a Center for Research based Innovation (CRI) in the period 2007-2015. Research partners are NTNU (host), SINTEF and IFE, 8 major oil and gas companies and 5 service companies are the industry partners, while seven international leading universities are academic collaborators. The Research Council of Norway together with the partners in the center have totally contributed with 340 million NOK in funding over the 8 year period that has led to the development of a world-leading research environment on integrated operations.


Integration of people, processes, technology and organization has been the focus of the center. The long term funding provided has enabled the activities in the IO Center both to go in depth into important challenges, and at the same time to be able to collaborate across areas and disciplines, and focus on the holistic picture. The partners in the IO Center have been able to gain deeper expertise in their own areas while also getting a more multi-disciplinary and cross-sectoral experience.


Research areas the IO Center has focused on are: IO teamwork and capability development, Integrated planning and logistics, Proactive management of safety and environment, Production optimization and subsurface IO, System integrity and dynamic risk assessment, and Telemedicine.


A number of important factors have made the IO Center a success:

  • Long-term funding from the Research Council of Norway on a topic of national and international interest, attracting industry partners and leading research institutions to come together and focus on a shared topic for longer period

  • Industrial contributions from major oil and gas companies and leading service companies providing funding, competence and pilots

  • Triangel model of collaboration between research institutions, oil and gas companies and service companies to develop industry relevant and commercializable solutions

  • Complementary research partners from Norway coupled with world-leading research groups from universities from Europe and the Americas in a wide range of disciplines: sociology, product design, petroleum engineering, engineering cybernetics, HSE, logistics, linguistics, ICT, medicine, physics and much more

  • A broad focus from education and inclusion of master students, development of PhD candidates, scientificpublications, industrial reports and handbooks, pilot projects in operational settings, implementation of methods and software to innovation

  • Strong focus on center building activities, dissemination and networking with many meeting arenas making a strong shared feeling between academia and industry

  • The IO conference, showcasing the latest in industry practice and cutting edge research from the IO Center to a broad international audience


During these 8 years the IO Center has:

  • hosted 20 pilot projects in the industry partner companies

  • developed more than 30 methods/models/prototoypes

  • established three spin-off companies: eDrilling Solutions AS, Solution Seeker AS and VISAVI Technology AS

  • published 3 books, 75 articles in peer reviewed journals and held close to 250 oral presentations at international conferences

  • funded 25 PhD candidates (10 graduating in the end of 2015 and 2016), hosted 12 postdoctoral fellows, 3 visiting professors and educated more than 100 MSc students

  • organized the international conference for integrated operations in the petroleum industry 8 times, with a total attendance of close to 2000 participants

Full report can be downloaded and viewed here.

Summary report can be downloaded and viewed here.

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