Capability development in IO

Capability development in IO

This is a page showing ongoing activity by the IO Center. It involves highlighted research activities which are currently being carried out, description of goals, activities and expected results

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Integrated Operations (IO) and similar concepts has become a common operational concept for running fields. Since the early implementation efforts and to this day, a number of challenges to IO projects have been noted: Heavy technology focus due to increasing complexity in production facilities; operationalization of IO early enough in the project; involvement of key personnel and stakeholders; move beyond piloting. It is important to have adequate tools and methodology in running IO projects to ensure that installations and organizations are developed with the necessary resources and prioritizations to take full advantage of IO to deliver the goals of optimal safety and production. What is needed is to focus on the areas that are most important for value creation and to develop a basis for scalable solutions that take the whole ecosystem for operation and maintenance of the production facility into account. The Capability Approach to IO is an approach for systematically managing these challenges to IO projects. The purpose of this ongoing activity is to test and develop the methodology so it is useful for both green- and brownfield projects and IO improvement projects.

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